GPU Mining


To mine with the GPU of your computer, you will need an item of software. (GUIMinerscrypt is an option that works on the graphical interface, instead of the command line. and additionally supports altcoin mining) In our evaluations, Chrome blocked the download and said the cgminer software was malicious, but it is not; it is possible to disable the malware protection of Chrome or utilize an alternative browser to download this program.

Make sure that you upgrade your graphics card drivers, and download the elective OpenCL driver in the event that you've got an ATI graphics card.

You do not need to install cgminer; simply extract the sgminer flags zip file's contents to a place. It is also possible to run Cgminer using a batch file, although it works in the command line. A batch file is actually only a preserved command prompt script, and you'll be able to write it in the event you're not comfortable. You will want to get several bits of advice out of your pool service before you do. You will want to be aware of the following to your batch file:

URL: Your pool service's URL. Any pool service will make these records easily accessible on the help or getting-began pages. Several have multiple URLs it is possible to select from, to help you select the server closest to you. The URL will probably focus on the word "stratum."

Interface: Your pool service will also provides the port number. It is generally written immediately after the URL, divided solely with a colon with no spaces.


Worker name: Before you can mine you must produce a "worker" in your user account to the mining pool. Each worker has a name, either assigned from the pool or decided by you.

Worker password:

It is still possible to mine, though not as fast if GPU mining is not possible for your PC. The procedure is pretty much exactly the same as the GPU mining procedure, and you will still need exactly the same info described previously. The primary distinction is the fact that instead of cgminer, you will download an application called cpuminer. Like this, your script will appear for cpuminer:

Sadly, you almost certainly will not find a way to make a lot of gain mining altcoins. For the time being, though, mining is a fascinating approach to understand a technology without putting your retirement fund to the line that may be most significant creation of the decade.